Rich Hill, writer from
Michigan's Upper Peninsula
and author of three books:
Lost in the Woods,
Hitchhiking After Dark,
Lake Effect
Lake Effect: A Deckhand's
Journey on the Great
Lakes Freighters
Chasing a Dream
Rich Hill has just released his third
book, entitled
Lost in the Woods:
Building a Life up North
, a
memoir about the roller-coaster
journey of moving to Michigan's
Upper Peninsula and attempting
to build a handcrafted log home on
Lake Superior. It's about chasing a
dream up north, close to family,
and dealing with the unpredictable
nature of working with logs. The
story explores a young couple's
quandary of leaping into an
enormous log-building project
with more swagger than good
sense and struggling to dig their
way out.
I have recently started a blog that will cover not only
information about my books but will also supply useful
tips about building and maintaining a log home, working as
a deckhand on Great lakes freighters, and living  in
Michigan's Upper Peninsula with all its many moods and
extreme weather conditions . . . . Please have a look.
Front view of log house that we started building in 1990
and continued working on for the next 25 years. No
doubt a labor of love and persistence.
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Hitchhiking After Dark:
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