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Soo Evening News              Thursday, December 8, 2016
Readers' Comments:
Lost in the Woods:
"Anyone who has ever wanted to live in a log home or pursued a dream of
any kind will find this story instructive, entertaining, thoughtful, and
ultimately, food for the soul." --- Tyler Tichelaar, award-winning author
My Marquette and Spirit of the North

"Lost in the Woods is an inspiring story of a couple dedicated to each
other and the fulfillment of a dream. It's a must read for anyone
determined to build their own log home and a lifetime of memories."
--- Sharon Kennedy, author of
Life in a Tin Can

"The story is ... laced with writing that conveys this couple's sense of
place: the eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan." --- Bernie Arbic, local
historian and author of
Upbound Downbound: The Story of the Soo

"A sincere, entertaining story that is much more than a chronicle of the
building of a custom log home.
Lost in the Woods is a well told story of the
journey through a life complete with its trials, tribulations and triumphs.
A good read." --- Karl Bohnak, Michigan meteorologist and author of
Cold A Sky

Hitchhiking After Dark:
" ... a fine collection, very highly recommended." ---Midwest Book Review

"Armed with this abundant sense of humor and keen observation, he
weaves stories that are at times poignant and often laugh-out-loud
funny." --- Barry Silverstein, ForeWord Reviews

"This is a risible read, featuring wry humor that can sneak up on you like
a rambling 18-wheeler." --- Tim Knier, Goodreads

"I really liked this book! Richard Hill is a great storyteller." --- Nick
Russell, traveling RV author and former newspaper publisher

Lake Effect:
"Lake Effect provides a personal, intimate, look into the life of a deckhand
on Great Lakes ships. It is an important edition to the very limited
literature available about Great Lakes sailors." --- Mark Thompson,
maritime historian and author of
Graveyard of the Lakes

"A tremendous read, a unique glimpse into the soul of a Great Lakes
sailor ....
Lake Effect is a must read for every Great Lakes reader's
bookshelf .... goes far beyond the 'normal' Great Lakes book. It takes a
very rare look at what makes the sailors tick, why they follow the lakes as
a career, for better or worse." --- Frederick Stonehouse, maritime
historian and author of Many Great Lakes books including the bestseller,
The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald

"Lake Effect is an intelligent, funny, irreverent look at life on the 'Boats.'
Hill gives us a peek into a way of life that reached its heyday in the
mid-to-latter portion of the 20th century." --- Karl Bohnak, Michigan
meteorologist and author of
So Cold A Sky